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Common Mistakes When Training Your Dog

Training your dog can be overwhelming and takes a lot of patience but it is also essential and rewarding. You need to train your dog so that:

  1. They listen to your commands
  2. Don't pee in your home
  3. Don't chew on your shoes 
  4. Prevent dangerous situations
  5. Avoid unnecessary emergency visits

Basically, you want to have a well behaved dog so that they don't get into trouble and cause harm to themselves or others. When it comes to training you have a few different options including:

  • Crate training
  • Leash training
  • Behavior training 

Whichever training you are trying to accomplish you need to be patient and take your time. There are some common mistakes that people make when training your dog which include:

Expecting results on first try- A lot of dog owners think that training their dog with a bag of treats is all they need. They also expect to see results in one session. Instead, you need to be patient as understand your dog. Different dogs will react differently and you might need to try a few different things before you find out what works for your pet. 

Start Training too Late- The sooner you train your dog the better. If you give the dog too much time to acclimate to their new home, it can set you back on their training. You might let them go freely around your home, destroy your shoes or pillow, pee in the corner, and laugh it off. You need to start your training right away and teach your dog house training and reward good behavior. 

Inconsistency- So, one day you train your dog the next you're too tired and let him be. The day after you're both going to be confused. Being consistent with your training will help your dog learn faster. 

Too Harsh- Patience is the key when training a dog and if you lose it, it can set you far back. You do not want your dog to fear you but to respect you and your commands. Raising your voice, pulling on their leash, or even throwing something at them is cruel and unnecessary. Your pet will end up being too scared and timid to come to you and repeat any mistakes. 

Reinforcing Bad Behavior- A lot of new dog owners can't take their dogs whining or barking. They will do anything to make it stop which will cause the dog to think of their behavior as acceptable. If your dog is jumping on you, barking at a squirrel or whining because they want treats, ignore them. While it's hard, you need to ignore them until they calm down and the behavior stops. 

Don't Call Your Dog to Punish Them- If you want your dog to come to you every time you call to them, don't do it for something they hate. If you need them to take medication, take a bath, or to put them in their crate because company is coming over, simply go to them and get them. If your dog associates negative things to their name, they will never want to answer you when you call out to them. 

These are just some of the common mistakes we make when training our dogs. Whether you have a puppy, an adult dog or a senior, you need to treat them with respect and show them patience.